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Cargo Ship at Sea


At OPG Enterprise Group, we seek to provide the highest quality Ship Management services and a platform for Oil & Gas trade.


Building on the proven track record and leading edge in the field of petroleum and petroleum products, OPG went on to gain a significant position in the commercial shipping solutions in the supply chain business of LPG, Bitumen, Fuel Oil, Gas Oil, Base Oil, Naphtha, & Other Gases and Minerals  from all over the Middle East and South East Asia.



Our global network of hubs, regional hubs and warehouses, and our dedicated team of specialists bring customer-focused solutions to your Oil & Gas activities. We use a tightly-knit communications and operations network. For extremely cost efficient and reliable transport by sea, air, land and rail, you benefit from our end-to-end transport chain from door-to-door, around the clock.

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